14 july 2019



Bragança Granfondo by Trek 2019
Come live the charm in the first person

On July 14, 2019, come to feel Bragança close to you. Come to feel the charm of a special event, just like the region that welcomes it.

As usual in Bikeservice events of cycling for all, you have three distances to choose from: Granfondo (143 km), Mediofondo (98 km) and Minifondo (60 km). And as it is also characteristic of our organizations, in all of them you will find nature, tradition and the typical sympathy of the people of Northeastern Portugal.
The route has been totally renewed in relation to previous editions, keeping - naturally - the departure and arrival in Bragança and the incursion into the Natural Park of Montesinho, ex-libris of the region.

The new route will pass through Vimioso and several historical villages, of which we highlight: Gimonde, in the Park of Montesinho, and its Romanesque bridge; Outeiro, and the imposing Minor Basilica; Parada, with its typical “caretos”; and Pinela, near the impressive Penim Castle and cradle of the tradition of the little “cantarinhas”, the small pieces of clay that are believed to bring good fortune to those who are offered.

Historical villages, the Natural Park of Montesinho and the traditional “caretos”: there’s nothing missing in this authentic concentrate of Bragança. You will find challenging climbs - such as the Rio Sabor-São Bartolomeu Wall (2.8 km with an average slope of 11% but reaching 24%), inspiring landscapes and, above all, a unique atmosphere that will make you understand the raison d'être of the concept "Bragança somos todos (We are all Bragança)".

Come live the charm of Bragança Granfondo by Trek 2019.

Come live a day for an entire lifetime.