10 july 2022



Bragança Granfondo by Trek 2022:
a Granfondo that doesn't fit in words

Animation, tradition and challenge. If it were possible to summarize how much participants will find in Bragança Granfondo by Trek 2022, these three words would be a good choice. Of course this is a simplistic view of a Granfondo that is a big world and where there is no shortage of reasons to marvel who tries to conquer it and ends up conquered by it!

We start by offering the official Bragança Granfondo by Trek 2021 jersey and provide three courses that combine the three features described at the beginning like no other event of its kind. Granfondo (137 km with 2577 m of positive gap), Mediofondo (98 km and 1881 m) or Minifondo (60 km and 1161 m) will challenge each other's bravery and competitive spirit. But the task will not be easy - just remember that between departure and arrival, both in Bragança, there will be endless points of animation (in 2019 there were 14!) Which is virtually impossible to resist without stopping, seeing and... enjoy. Add to this the sceneries that steal our attention, such as the natural spaces of Parque de Montesinho and the historic villages: Gimonde and its Romanesque Bridge; Outeiro and its Minor Basilica; Parada and the caretos that are also tradition in Pinela, land of the Castle of Alfenin and the cantarinhas, that once served to quench the thirst in the field but continue to bring good fortune to those who receive them. It is impossible not to feel already Bragança close...

Tradition and challenge are also evident in the mythical climb of the Bragança Castle, celebrated by the WTCC races, or the passage through the Rio Sabor-S. Bartolomeu Wall (2.8 km; average slope 11%, maximum 24%), places where you will not miss... animation!

Whatever your choice of words, it is best to know firsthand why so many refer to Bragança Granfondo by Trek as the world's most animated Granfondo. And the reason why many more who already know make it a point to come back and help spread the concept that Bragança are we all.